ASH1564NQ (N)
  • ASH1564NQ (N)
  • ASH1564NQ (N)
  • ASH1564NQ (N)

AERFAST ASH1564NQ Heavy Wire Stapler

The ASH1564NQ from AERFAST is an ergonomic, robust & polyvalent compact stapler that drives heavy wire G15 (SH15) staples as well as heavy wire SH16 within a length range of 32 to 64 mm.

Applications:  shingles, crates, wooden packagings, window frames, etc.
Technical features: depth-of-drive, ergonomic elastomer comfort grip, 360° orientable exhaust, dual or restrictive trigger mode

Technical information

Article no.
2,6 kg
325 mm
297 mm
100 mm
For lengths
32-64 mm
Magazine capacity
Operating pressure
4,9 - 8,3 bar


Article no. Description Items per package
AS30006 SH1625 Heavy wire narrow crown 25 mm G16 staples EZ 8,4M 8400
AS30007 SH1630 Heavy wire narrow crown 30 mm G16 staples EZ 7,28M 7280
AS30008 SH1632 Heavy wire narrow crown 32 mm G16 staples EZ 6,3M 6300
AS30010 SH1638 Heavy wire narrow crown 38 mm G16 staples EZ 5,88M 5880
AS30012 SH1645 Heavy wire narrow crown 45 mm G16 staples EZ 4,76M 4760
AS30013 SH1650 Heavy wire narrow crown 50 mm G16 staples EZ 4,34M 4340