Heavy wire staplers

These staplers drive heavy wire N & P, Q, S & BS staples up to a length of 63 mm!

Furniture frames, Cabinet assembly, Case backs, Subflooring, Wall & Roof sheathing, Fascia & Soffits, Underlayment, Crates & Pallets, Trusses, Roofing, etc...

Heavy wire N / SH16

  • ASH1651

    • Industrial
    • Pro
    • Standard

    AERFAST ASH1651 Heavy Wire Stapler

    The ASH1651 is a fast, tough and powerful heavy wire stapler driving heavy wire S16 staples within a legnth range of 25 to 50 mm. It is definitely a tool with many features for smooth and comfortable use and ideal to be used for sheating!

  • ASH1564NQ

    • Industrial
    • Pro
    • Standard

    AERFAST ASH1564NQ Heavy Wire Stapler

    The ASH1564NQ from AERFAST is an ergonomic, robust & polyvalent compact stapler that drives heavy wire G15 (SH15) staples as well as heavy wire SH16 within a length range of 32 to 64 mm.