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Aerfast - A division in the Van Aerden Group

The Van Aerden Group has over 75 years experience in manufacturing fastening tools, machines and consumables.

Anxious to be in real time the mirror of the European market needs, to get adapted to and answer those needs by developing new fastening and assembly concepts as well as by producing large amounts of staples & coil nails, the Group constantly invests in its production site in the French Vosges, centrally located in Europe. Each year billions of consumables are being produced and transported to the centers and distribution companies of the KYOCERA AERFAST EUROPE.

Our engineering division is specialized in the production of assembly robots and machines to automate and optimize the production of pallets, boxes, walls and wall units.

Through a technology of progress, the Group is in a position to respond to the most diverse current and future demands of its customers - both craftsmen and industrialists. Its specialized subsidiaries, under the Aerfast® brand, have acquired large market shares of the wood, furniture, building and car industries.

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